About Me

2013 @ VMI Hello there, My name is Matthew Hart. I am married to an amazing and Godly woman who is the mother to my children.

I have been in student ministry for 11 years and I have a desire to encourage students and their families to pursue Christ with abandon. I have served in 3 different churches (and States) vocationally and volunteered in two others.

These experiences have shaped my leadership style and allow me to talk about ministry and leadership with a variety of perspectives.

I own 3 awesome bicycles. I own a road bike Scott s40 Speedster, a mountain bike Jamis 650B1 and cyclocross/ commuter Motobecane FantomCX. I enjoy riding and have always enjoyed riding ever since I first learned to pedal. I recently have moved from being a recreational cyclist to really being a bike commuter.

This blog will have a two-fold purpose hence the name Disciple Cycle

  1. It will seek to encourage pastors, specifically youth pastors, to pursue Christ for themselves above and before their ministry duties. I also hope to challenge parents (myself included) to be the spiritual leader of their children. I hope to persuade youth pastors to invest in the family unit. I desire above all that through this blog glorify God and we are all brought closer in our walk with our Lord and Savior.
  2. I hope to advocate and provide insight in the challenges and excitement of using your bike for transportation.

Questions? Comments? I would love to hear from you.

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