When You Want to Stay but Can’t

In my first post I shared some of the emotions that I was feeling when I was laid off. I hope by being honest and sharing my struggles it will help to encourage those of us who want to stay but can’t. I am not saying that this is the 3 or 5 step plan you need to follow to help you move on, but these are some of the first steps I took to process the experience. It is just a recounting of the process that I have walked after I was laid off.

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When You Want to Stay but Can’t

January 10th 2010 is a date that has marked my life probably more than my birthday, anniversary, and birth of children combined. It was the day my pastor was going to reveal to us staff members (one by one) the vision and plan to turn a corner in the recent struggling history of the church. I was excited about getting to see what was next for our church. I was approaching 3 years at this church and really felt like I was really making progress in our efforts as a student ministry. But, January 10th ended up…

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Goals for 2014

In my first post of the new year I wrote about resolutions. I tend to make a list of goals for each year. I think that goals are good. They help me to keep moving to accomplish them.

Learn from the past, set vivid, detailed goals for the future, and live in the only moment of time over which you have any control: NOW. Denis Waitly

The Bible reminds us to redeem the time. It reminds us make good use of our time. I am certain that in my life a list of goals helps with making good use of my time. I have shared my goal lists for the past couple years with my wife but today I am sharing these with you my readers as well. I want you to know some areas of my life that I am seeking to find progress. I hope that you might find some areas that you are seeking progress too and we can keep each other accountable.

Priority number one is to read through the Bible this year. I started late last year and started fresh January 1 this year. I am certain that it will change me from the inside out. I have read the entire Bible through in 2011 and had some lofty goals to be able to do it again in 2012 or 2013 but I was not disciplined to finish reading it.

Jim Rohn says,

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.

This year I plan to be disciplined and read the Bible through. Another goal that will take discipline is to blog consistently this year. I believe there are many benefits to blogging but I wont bore you here with them now.

The next area of my life I am seeking to make some progress is to grow in my relationship with my wife. I hope that we can have more date nights throughout 2014. I hope that we can go hammock camping together again. We were able to go camping a couple of times towards the end of the year last year. She has really enjoyed sleeping in the hammock that I bought for her. This talking about camping reminds me of another aspect of my goals for 2014. I hope that we as a family will be able to go camping 3-4 times – all of us in hammocks.

Another area of my life that I feel like I had success, but more work must be done, is date nights with my daughter. In 2013 I told her we would make a standing date on her birthdate in every month. She really enjoyed them and was excited to get dressed up for our dates. I hope that we can be more creative in our dates this year. I also hope that she and I can go camping together just the two of us. They are always a good time together. I hope that in 2014 I can find a time and ways to connect with my son. Right now Mommy isĀ  his world.

Another area that is very important to me is bicycling. I hope to:

  • Bike commute 1500 or more miles this year. (1604.7 bike commuting miles for 2013)
  • To do some bike touring this year
    • Ride the New River Trail Park and camp on it.
    • Ride Greenbriar River trail (My dad has volunteered to be SAG support and carry my camping supplies I am sure this will give us some quality time together and be so fun).
  • I also want to ride a metric century again.

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps. Confucius

Finally I would like to get a new job (DEO VOLENTE; God willing) I am going to take steps to secure more income for my family and to pay off debt. I feel called to pastoral ministry and I will pursue that as a priority in 2014.
Do you have any goals for 2014? If you do please share them in the comments section below.